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5 daily self-care habits you should adopt

5 daily self-care habits you should adopt

Self-care isn’t just facials and mimosas. It’s caring for yourself holistically. That means self-care can look different for everyone, depending on how they feel and what they need. But these 5 self-care habits are a great foundation for anyone looking to take better care of themselves and elevate daily routines into rituals that replenish and restore.

Spend time outside

You don’t have to take a 5 mile hike to reap the benefits of being in nature. Spending any amount of time outside (try for 10+ minutes) can boost your mood. It also helps you feel more connected to the earth and will help ground you throughout your day.

Listen to your body

Tuning into what our bodies are telling us can sound challenging, but once we’ve learned to ask it can help us take better care of ourselves. Simple ways you can listen to your body could include asking what food it wants, resting when you feel tired or moving your body when you feel energized.

Practice gratitude

Anchoring yourself to what brings you joy can help you act more mindfully. It also allows you to be more intentional with your energy and time, focusing on what really feels blissful to you and why. This way you can incorporate more of those feelings or moments into your days.


Having a flexible schedule frees up mental space and allows you to focus on your priorities for the day. You can use it as a guideline in how you spend your time and you can keep track of scheduled time for yourself.

Spend time alone

Between work and family, our daily life can get pretty loud. Setting time aside to spend by yourself allows you to reset and organize your thoughts, which can help you feel less stressed and burnt out in your everyday life.

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