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5 Dry Skin Tips

5 Dry Skin Tips

Colder weather brings dreaded dry, itchy skin which can be painful and embarrassing. Don't worry we've got you covered with these simple and easy to follow dry skin tips!!

1. Keep your skin moisturized

Don't dry your skin completely before applying moisturizer. The best way to lock in moisture is by gently patting your skin dry while leaving your skin damp and then apply your creams and moisturizers which will trap all those water molecules on your skin.

2. Avoid long hot showers

The thought of a long steamy shower may sound fantastic, however hot water is not a friend to dry skin. Long hot showers strip your body of its natural oil barrier. You need that barrier to help trap moisture to keep your skin smooth and hydrated. Skincare experts recommend taking short, warm showers or baths that last no longer 10 minutes. Add a shower steamer to your shower to help relieve muscle tension and relax your mind.




Dry skin has the tendency to accumulate build-up and look dull. Regular exfoliation controls the dry skin build-up but won’t help with the dryness. Exfoliate your skin at least twice a week with a moisturizing body polish bar.

body polish


4. Be ingredient savvy

Read skincare ingredient labels and look for body butters that contain ingredients like shea which deeply hydrates the skin. Also, try unscented, soap-free cleansers instead of harsh cleansers.

5. Use a humidifier

Central heating, the dry Fall and Winter air can cause your skin to lose a lot more moisture than in the warmer, humid seasons. To keep your skin supple use a humidifier in your home so your skin can heal and retain moisture.


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