Self care bingo

So we all know how important self-care is when maintaining overall wellbeing. The emotional, mental, physical and spiritual kinds of wellbeing that integrate to create who we are.

But if you’re still thinking about self-care are just mimosas with brunch or long baths, you’re missing out. What if you thought about self-care activities as a way of looking after each facet of who you are?

Not quite sure what we mean? We’ve got loads of ideas in our self-care bingo.

And if you know exactly what we mean, but you want to see how your self-care has measured up up this year so far, you definitely need to scroll down and find out!

Check your results


😭 You really need to prioritise yourself in your day.

What activities looked especially exciting or calming to you? How can you incorporate those into your routines?


😩 You know what self-care means.

You just need to spend a lot more time implementing it! How can you spend more time on yourself? What kind of support do you need to make that happen?


😉 You’re no stranger to prioritising yourself.

If you feel like you don’t have any time left to incorporate more activities, what emotional support can you give yourself?


👑 You’re a self-care goddess

You know what it means to care for yourself holistically and you put it into practice. Keep going, queen!

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