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About TN section 2

After I became a mom, I struggled with postpartum depression, exhaustion and anxiety. I knew I needed to create a safe space for myself, to replenish myself, experience peace and enjoy a few moments alone.

My daily bath or shower was the only time I got to do that, and it quickly became my time of sanctuary, where I could retreat into my bathroom to physically and emotionally prepare myself for the next day.

While I savored this time as if it were a delicious glass of wine, I knew I wanted to find a way to elevate it even more. To create more peace and relaxation without extending the clock on my self-care practice.

I started digging in to essential oils, and that’s where this all really started. I became obsessed with their individual properties and the impact they had within a formulation. I started making a few of my own products and quickly realized they helped improve the look and feel of my skin and helped me feel more grounded and uplifted.

And I had a feeling you needed that too. So I founded Thulisa Naturals in 2017, to share not just the amazing, all-natural and safe products, but to support you in establishing your very own replenishing rituals that you can infuse into your every day routine.

To be your own Thulisa and bring peace to your own life.