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5 Different Ways To Use a Shower Steamer

5 Different Ways To Use a Shower Steamer

We all know that shower steamers are a great way to turn your shower into an instant spa experience, but did you also know that shower steamers can be used in different ways aside from just your shower?


In this blog post, we share 5 ways you can use your shower steamers outside of the shower! Here we go!

1. Instant Air Freshener

Dissolve a shower steamer in 8 oz of water and pour the mixture into a sprat bottle and there you have it, an instant air freshener.

2. Closet Freshener

Place a shower steamer in a mesh bag and hang it in your closet or place it in a chest of drawers. Your clothes will smell amazing!

3. Travel Accessory

Travel with your shower steamers. Pop a shower steamer in mesh bag and throw it in your suitcase when traveling, once you get to your destination your clothes will smell great and you can use the shower steamer in your hotel shower

4. Shoe Sprucer

Break a shower steamer in half or crush it and place the mixture in a mesh bag and place it in shoes to keep them smelling fresh.

5. Beautiful Display

Displaying your shower steamers in a clear jar adds a unique touch to bathroom decor. 

You can find our all-natural shower steamer to gift or to enjoy yourself right here.

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