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Shower Steamers Are The New Favorite Travel Accessory - Thulisa Naturals

Shower Steamers Are The New Favorite Travel Accessory

As the weather warms up, and we're getting outside to enjoy what summer has to offer. Whether you're planning a road trip, a beach getaway or a theme park vacation this summer, don't forget to pack shower steamers.

What are shower steamers?

Shower steamers are like bath bombs for your shower except they are made with more essential oils than you'd find in a bath bomb and deliver a burst of aromatherapy in your shower. 

Why shower steamers make the perfect travel accessory

Shower steamers are compact and light and fit into almost any luggage bag without taking up room.

Shower steamers make your clothes smell amazing. By placing 1-2 shower steamers in a mesh bag and packing them into your suitcase, once you arrive at your destination you'll open your suitcase to find that your clothes smell amazing and you can still use the shower steamers in your shower.

After a long day of walking around theme parks or sitting beachside, a relaxing shower is something we all look forward to at the end of a long day. Pop a shower steamer in your shower to relax and get yourself ready for a good nights rest.

Do you have a busy day ahead filled with sites to see and fun vacation activities to do? Use an energizing shower steamer  in your morning shower to give you a blast of aromatherapy and the boost your mood need to take on the day.

shower steamer

So, don't forget to pack shower steamers on your next vacation.  

PS: Our shower steamers are all-natural, are scented with essential oils, and are available in 6 different scents for any mood or vacation! You can find them here




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Wendy - March 13, 2022

I saw these online and was intrigued. I’m a shower girl – don’t take or like baths – short, quick showers first thing in the am are my norm. What interested me with the shower steamers was the opportunity, when I do take longer showers, of having a relaxing and more present experience by engaging another sense. I asked for the Lavender Geranium and the Eucalyptus for Christmas and I have not been disappointed. I absolutely love them – probably the Lavender one particularly, but both leave me with feeling both more aware and relaxed. I also love how the scent seems to suffuse throughout the whole house. And the natural ingredients – this checks all the boxes for me. Well done!

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