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Is body butter or body lotion good for your skin?

Is body butter or body lotion good for your skin?

What’s the difference between a body butter and body lotion and which one is good for my skin?

I’ve been asked this question a lot and it’s actually one I really enjoy answering.

What’s body butter?

Body butter is made with a combination of butter and oils. When I say butter, I mean natural butter, like shea butter or cocoa butter (not the delicious Amish butter I love spreading on toast). The oils used to make body butter are carrier oils. Carrier oils are used with essential oils to dilute essential oils and change their absorption rate. Some examples of carrier oils are Grapeseed oil, Jojoba oil, and Apricot Kernel oil.

What does body butter look and feel like?

Body butter is thick in consistency, has a heavier feel and will melt on contact with your skin.

Why use body butter?

The natural butter used to make body butter are loaded with essential fats and minerals giving your skin good nourishment and intense moisture.

When and where to use body butter?

Body butter is great if you have dry skin or need extra moisture in areas like your elbows, knees, feet, and hands. I have what some friends call “lizard dry skin”, so I use body butter all over my skin (except my face).

To get the most benefit out of your body butter, apply it on damp skin (when you’ve just stepped out of the shower or bath). The water molecules on your skin will help absorb all the body butter goodness leaving your skin feeling soft and supple.

What’s Lotion?

Lotion is made with a combination of oils and water. A carrier oil and water or a hydrosol, or aloe gel. Since water is added to a lotion mixture, a preservative has to be added to prevent mold or bacteria growth.

What does lotion look and feel like?

Lotion is thinner in consistency than body butter because water is added to the formula which makes it easy to squeeze out of a bottle and will feel much lighter your skin than a body butter.

Why use lotion?

Lotion gets absorbed quickly into the skin, has a non-greasy feel and is good if you've got oily skin.

When should you use lotion?

When you’re in need of some light moisturization. It can be applied throughout the day on most areas of your body, arms, legs, and torso.

Is body butter or lotion the best for you?

It all depends on your skin type, the time of year and if you have any problem areas. Body butter works great on dry skin ('lizard dry skin'). Body butter will give you intense moisture while absorbing slowly into your skin.
Lotions are good for oily skin and provide quick moisture. When it comes to seasons, you may find yourself using body butter more often in colder months and body lotion in warmer months.

So, you may end using both depending on your personal needs.

Check out some of our body butter to help you decide.

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