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Let's make a difference

Let's make a difference

I was born and raised in South Africa- a country with a rich history both dark and beautiful. I grew up during apartheid where people were given different privileges and access to resources based on the color of their skin. It was sad to see discrimination in action after all under our skin we all look the same right?

Sadly enough discrimination has long-term consequences one of them is lingering poverty.

Today in Langbos, an informal rural settlement of the Eastern Cape represents the poorest of the poor among rural communities. This community has been neglected by the government. People lack access to basic amenities such as electricity, running water, or paved roads. The community also faces high levels of HIV, TB, and other chronic illnesses. 

That’s why Thulisa Naturals has partnered with Intsikelelo, an amazing organization whose mission is to improve the lives of orphans and vulnerable children in South Africa. They have raised funds to build the Langbos Creche & Care Center which serves as a soup kitchen, HIV support group, community center as well caring for the 50 preschoolers who attend the preschool.


We all want to make an impact on this world and here's how you can do it. When you purchase any Thulisa Naturals, product 10% of sale proceeds will be donated to Insikelelo to provide daily nutritious meals and school supplies for the preschool children attending the Langbos Creche & Care Center. 
Will you join me in making a difference in lives of children living in Langbos?


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